Which Mobile Antivirus Passed the Hacker Test?

Last Updated: Jan - 21 - 2020

Which Mobile Antivirus Passed the Hacker Test?


We don’t want to scare you, but a recent Australian study has revealed that a whopping two-thirds of the antivirus software for your mobile device could be completely fake and are utterly useless even against the most basic of attacks! This is terrible news because mobile devices are becoming so popular that many hackers are targeting them instead of the traditional personal computer. While some may not take this threat seriously, because it’s “only a phone”, take a moment to consider the fact that in most cases, your mobile device is linked to your identification information, your credit card/bank details or PayPal account. If someone has successfully infiltrated your mobile device, identity theft is a very real danger you should be concerned about.


It Was Only a Matter of Time…

With so many mobile antivirus options available today, it was clear that they can’t all be winners. AV-Comparatives, an Australian antivirus testing lab, decided to do get their hands dirty and find out if the Google Play store’s top antiviruses deliver on their lofty promises. Surprise, surprise, they don’t.


Scary Results

As it turns out, the mobile antivirus software scene is littered with fraudulent or incapable software that is being marketed under false pretenses. How bad is it? AV-Comparatives has shown that only two-thirds of the top 250 antiviruses tested were able to block 30% of the 2,000 malicious apps they tested as a sample. Even worse, fewer than 1 in 10 apps were able to block all 2,000 attacks.


Scarier Conclusions

According to AV-Comparatives, the vast majority of Android antiviruses aren’t as effective as advertised, with a significant portion of them doing no more than displaying ads. This means that a disturbingly large number of antivirus apps do nothing more than simply generate ad revenue for unethical software developers. 


Which Mobile Antivirus Is Actually Real?

We can’t cover the hundreds of fake antiviruses, but we can tell you which were real. After all, less than 10% of the antiviruses tested by AV-Comparatives delivered on their promises. These were the top contenders: 


These antiviruses were all able to block 100% of the 2,000 malicious apps that were tested. On a positive note, these results mirrored our very-own top 10 antivirus rankings, which was a great compliment to our testing staff. Be sure to check out our full reviews by clicking the links above. Each of these great antivirus developers offers complete, full-suite protection for your most vulnerable devices, including your PC/Mac and Android/iOS device. Keep in mind that they are bundled together to cut costs (buying the mobile versions alone in the app store is much more expensive).

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